The global fashion and media landscape is ever-changing. We channel our creativity into art to express ourselves and create meaningful work, but when it comes down to it, it’s a business. A seasonal machine, with creatives at every interval, feeding the pop culture beast day in, day out. Rarely do we go behind the lens and look into just how creativity and commerce come together.

Introducing: Process the Podcast. Born out of a desire to understand the creative process of her contemporaries and industry superiors and the ways in which they navigate bridging creative and commerce, season one of the podcast will see Cinema Thom’s Arielle Thomas interviewing some of Australia’s most celebrated creatives, with season two expanding beyond our local industry to explore the processes of international talent.

Each episode will feature a seasoned name in the fashion and creative world as they discuss their approach to bridging creativity and commerce, their inspiration, outputs, and their views of the ever-changing landscape, locally and globally. ‘Process’ aims to amplify the voices of those on the front lines of iconic mastheads and provide firsthand insight into what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and the direction consumerism is moving.


The podcast will create and inspire an empowered community of like-minded content creators, industry veterans, and the next generation of creatives by presenting considered, meaningful conversations with some of the most celebrated names in the Australian fashion media landscape.

Episodes released every Sunday! 

Peta Rudd

Lighthearted and insightful - a beautiful combination!
Brilliant conversations with some of our industry’s best - a must listen for all Aussie creatives. Arielle and her guests are a joy to listen to. Looking forward with enthusiasm, to all upcoming episodes! - Peta Rudd

Brogan Chidley

Want more..
Great insight into the industry & our Australian talent. So fascinating getting a deeper look into an artist’s career.. milestones, hurtles, success. You ask the best q’s Arielle.. hooked after 3 episodes, look forward to what’s next!

Kurt Michael

What an incredible & timely podcast!
Hey Arielle, thanks for creating your podcast! I’m a photographer and quite new in the industry.
It was so incredibly hearing Georges vision for what’s to come and his perspective on the industry was incredible - greats questions too!
More podcasts with these insights are so needed so thank you for starting it!


Love this so much!!
This is amazing. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the season. Listening to other creatives in Melbourne and Aus. Well done Arielle! X

Sunday Katy

Congratulations Arielle! Such a fun and insightful podcast. I look forward to many, many more.


Great first ep! Can’t wait to hear more


Great listen
Amazing first ep, definitely coming back for seconds. great guest with interesting views and great affable host!


Fabulous content Very interesting subject matter and engaging! Can’t wait for more episodes to come out 💚💚💚


A new fav!
This was super interesting to hear about, I never knew that Vogue operated like that, keep them coming! X Kate


The best listen
Love this !!!!


Amazing opening ep!
Amazing opening episode! Already looking forward to the next one 🙂


So keen!!
Cannot wait!

Myles @photomyles

I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to more!

Chloe Young

Wow!!! So cool! I love your podcase- the Georges Antoni one I listened to was so amazing, you are clearly a super star!

Jonathan Tether

Hi. New fan here! Just wanted to say I just discovered your podcast and your interview with Antoni was so good.
My only disappointment was I thought I stumbled on a long running podcast and looking forward to deep diving your back catalogue - nope, I guess I'll just have to wait each week! (Damn you lack of patience!!!)
Side note, your quality and amazing interview skills made me think you've been doing this for a while.
Can't wait to devour your next eps.

Women in Business

LOVED this! Congratulations on a brilliant first episode. Can't wait to hear more!

Nicci Griffiths

This is so good!

Mel Martin Photography

I loved listening to this sooo much! Thank you!

Lola Varma

It was a great chat!